Who owns 818 Tequila?

818 Tequila is owned by the famous American singer, songwriter, and actress, Kendall Jenner. She first launched the tequila brand in February 2021 after working on the project for nearly four years.

Jenner named the brand "818" after the area code of the San Fernando Valley in California, where she grew up. The focus of her brand is to create Tequila from locally-sourced agaves and to give back to the community in Jalisco, Mexico, where production takes place. The 818 Tequila launched with three variants- Blanco (unaged), Reposado (aged 6 months in oak barrels), and Anejo (aged 18 months in oak barrels).

While many people initially were skeptical about the tequila brand coming from a celebrity entrepreneur, 818 Tequila has received positive reviews and quickly become a significant contender in the premium tequila industry.

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