What is Agave Espadin?

100% Agave Espadin is a purebred tequila distilled exclusively from the agave species "Agave Espadin". Espadin is the most commonly used agave species for the production of mezcal and tequila. The term "100% agave" means that the tequila is produced exclusively from agave and that no additional sugar or other ingredients are added.

Tequila is made from the juice of the agave espadin, which is extracted after the agave is cut from its pit. The juice is then processed in a process called "double distillation" to produce alcohol. The tequila is then aged in oak barrels to develop its characteristic aromas and flavors.

100% Agave Espadin tequila has a distinctive flavor and aroma that comes from the agave espadin. It is known for its sweet, fruity notes, such as pineapple and citrus, and has a slight smokiness. Depending on how long the tequila has been aged, it may also have notes of vanilla, oak and spice.

Because 100% Agave Espadin tequila is made exclusively from agave, it is of higher quality than tequilas that may also contain other ingredients such as corn syrup. If you are a tequila lover who prefers pure, authentic tequilas, you should definitely choose 100% Agave Espadin tequila.

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