Oaxaca - The heart of mezcal production

The Oaxaca region is known as one of the most important areas for the production of artisanal mezcal. The region is famous for its perfect conditions for agave production, with different species of agave native to the region. There are more than 200 species of agave in Mexico, many of which are found only in Oaxaca.

In Oaxaca, traditional production methods are followed to produce mezcal of the highest quality and taste. The production of mezcal begins with the harvest of the ripe agaves, from which the leaves and roots are removed to use only the heart (piña) for further processing.

Then, the piñas are usually cooked in earth pits heated with hot wood and stones. This gives the mezcal a smoky, characteristic flavor. After cooking, the pinas are crushed and the juice is fermented in wooden containers.

The mezcal is then double distilled to achieve a higher alcohol content. Unlike tequila, mezcal is usually produced in small batches, which gives it its unique flavor.

Oaxaca mezcal is known to contain a wide range of aromas and flavors, ranging from varietal to smoked and earthy. Some of the most well-known and reputable mezcal brands from Oaxaca include Del Maguey, Los Danzantes, Real Minero and Mezcal Vago.

Oaxaca and its traditional and artisanal production of mezcal has been gaining notoriety and interest in recent years, as it is a very unique and regional product that offers the highest artisanal quality.

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