What is Lowland Tequila

Lowland Tequila (also known as "Tequila Valley") is a region in the central and eastern part of the state of Jalisco in Mexico, which extends along the Río Grande de Santiago. The region has lower elevations than the Tequila Highlands (Los Altos) and has a warmer, drier climate than the higher elevations.

Lowland Tequila is known for their bold, earthy and spicy tequilas. The term "terroir" can also be applied to tequila - meaning that the flavor and aroma of tequila is influenced by the eager coastal environment, mineral soils and plants that grow in the area.

Tequila produced in the Lowland region often has a stronger taste or more pronounced agave flavor than tequila produced in the Tequila Highlands, which has a higher sweetness and pleasant citrus notes due to the milder climate.

Some of the best tequila brands produced in the Lowland region include El Jimador, Herradura, Sauza and Cuervo Gold. These brands often offer a wide range of flavor profiles and could be produced in different barrels depending on the agave variety, distillation method and aging.

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