How to take a Tequila shot

There are different methods of drinking tequila, depending on personal preference and the quality of the tequila, but in general there are two common methods:

  1. shots: A popular, quick and easy way to drink tequila is to drink it as a shot. This means that a small glass is given an ounce or two of tequila and drunk all at once. To do this, first lick the salt crust on the palm of your hand, drink the tequila, which is then finished off with a slice of lime by putting it in your mouth and squeezing the juice over it.
  2. tequila cocktails: tequila makes an excellent base for many different cocktails. Margaritas are probably the most famous, and there are many different delicious margarita recipe variations with different flavors, aromas and options. Some other popular tequila cocktails include Paloma, Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sour or a simple Tequila Soda (tequila and mineral water). These cocktails are easy to drink in a sensual way.

It's also always a good idea to try high-quality tequila neat and sip it slowly to experience the full spectrum of its flavors and notes. In general, serve tequila in a swirler or snifter glass at room temperature to release the flavors and notes before sipping in small sips. A good tequila can be enjoyed in this manner, just as a good whiskey is enjoyed - slowly and in full flavor density excitement.

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