How much sugar is in Tequila

Tequila does not contain sugar or has only a minimal amount of sugar with a content of less than a gram per serving.

During the production process of tequila, the Agave plant (from which tequila is made) undergoes a cooking and fermentation process, which results in the conversion of the starches in the plant into alcohol. While agave plants may contain naturally occurring sugars before processing, most of them are converted into alcohol.

However, flavored or sweetened tequila products that contain added sugars can be different. Always check the label and ingredients list when purchasing flavored or sweetened tequilas to determine their sugar content. Opt for a high-quality 100% agave tequila for the purest form of the spirit with no added sugars.

It’s important to note that excessive alcohol consumption can still lead to an increase in blood sugar levels and could cause other negative health effects.

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