How is tequila stored?

Tequila is stored in oak barrels, which usually hold between 200 and 600 liters. After the tequila is obtained from distillation, it is carefully filled into the barrels and sealed. The tequila barrels are then stored in cool, dry areas to ensure even aging. Over time, the tequila undergoes a complex aging process that results in color and flavor changes in the tequila. The length of storage depends on the desired flavor profile and usually varies from a few months to several years.

The storage of tequila has a significant impact on its taste and quality. Tequila is usually aged in oak barrels, and the duration of storage usually varies from a few months to several years. During storage, tequila picks up color, aromas and flavors attributable to the wood of the barrel and the conditions of storage. Tequilas that have been aged only a short time in the barrel are called "Joven" or "Blanco" and are colorless and flavorful. Tequilas that have been aged between two and twelve months in the barrel are called "Reposado" and have a light amber color and a smooth taste. Tequilas aged longer than one year in the barrel are called "Añejo" or "Extra Añejo" and have a stronger color and complex aromas and flavors.

American white oak

The American white oak barrel is one of the most commonly used barrels for storing tequila. The use of American white oak barrels has a great influence on the taste and aroma of the tequila. By being aged in the barrel, the tequila picks up woody aromas and vanilla notes, making it softer and rounder in flavor.

The barrels are often previously used to store bourbon whiskey, resulting in an even more intense flavor transfer. Tequila that has been aged in such barrels can thus have unique flavors that distinguish it from other tequilas. The use of American white oak barrels is specified in the regulatory framework of the Consejo Regulador del Tequila (CRT) to ensure that the flavor and quality of tequila is maintained.

Each barrel must be aged for at least 365 days before it can officially be called tequila. Overall, the use of American white oak barrels has a great impact on the flavor and aroma of tequila. It helps make tequila one of the most fascinating and versatile spirits in the world.

French oak barrel

Although most tequilas are aged in American white oak barrels, there are also tequila producers who use French oak barrels to age their tequila. Using French oak barrels gives the tequila a different flavor and aroma than using American barrels.

French oak barrels are known for their higher tannin content and finer pores, which results in slower aging of the tequila. The wood grain can also be tighter and more consistent than other types of oak barrels, which helps make the tequila less woody and smoky. Instead, it contains subtle notes of honey, caramel and spice.

However, French oak barrels tend to be more expensive than American ones, making them more of a costly proposition to use. However, some tequila producers believe that it is worth the extra cost to create a unique and sophisticated tequila.

Using French oak barrels to age tequila is not a standard practice, but it is an interesting way to refine the traditional craft of spirits and explore new flavors and aroma profiles. For tequila lovers who like to enjoy tequila in new and unusual ways, tequila made from French oak barrels can be an exciting and rewarding choice.

Ex bourbon oak

Bourbon barrels are one of the most popular types of barrels used for aging tequila. Much of the characteristic flavor and aroma of bourbon comes from barrel aging. Therefore, aging tequila in bourbon barrels imparts sweet flavors of vanilla, coconut, caramel and oak.

Bourbon barrels are made of American white oak and are specially made for storing bourbon whiskey. When used to age tequila, they transfer these characteristic bourbon flavors to the tequila, adding unique flavor nuances.Using bourbon barrels to age tequila is a relatively new phenomenon, but it has become very popular in recent years. Tequila producers also like to experiment with barrels from different countries of origin (e.g., Bordeaux barrels) to vary the tequila flavor and aroma. The aging time in bourbon barrels varies from producer to producer, but it is common for tequila to spend at least one year in these barrels.

This ensures that the aromas and flavors of the bourbon barrel are clearly transferred. Overall, the use of bourbon barrels gives tequila a unique flavor and aroma. If you are a tequila lover and like to try different types of tequila, a bourbon barrel tequila is certainly worth a try.

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