Koch Mezcal

Welcome to Koch Mezcal - a mezcal that reflects the authentic flavor and rich heritage of Mexico in every drop. Koch Mezcal is created from the heart of the agave, which is distilled in clay ovens and then fermented to create a flavor that is second to none. Our mezcal is a drink of character and complexity, appreciated by gourmets and explorers alike.

The intriguing aroma of Koch Mezcal consists of notes of earth, pepper and fruit, resulting in a bold and robust flavor. The perfect companion for an unforgettable night out, it will give you a sense of warmth and energy that you will feel for days after.

At Koch Mezcal, we have a long tradition of excellent mezcal production and are proud to share it with our customers in each and every bottle. We value the art of craftsmanship and bring it to every aspect of our production - from harvesting the agaves to distilling the mezcal.

Discover the unique taste and intriguing aroma of Koch Mezcal, a drink that carries Mexico's deep-rooted mezcal tradition. Alone or in combination with your favorite drinks, with our mezcal you are always on the right side.

March 29, 2023
Mezcal Koch Espadín Olla de Barro

Mezcal Koch Espadín Olla de Barro is a unique mezcal, thanks to the artisanal method in which it is produced – rather than the copper distillation pots common to most manufacturers, this mescal is distilled in traditional clay pots (olla de barro) giving it a incomparable and delicious flavour. Nose Deep, sweet and gentle. Very […]

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March 29, 2023
Mezcal Koch Ensemble – Four Wild Agaves

This mezcal offers the perfect balance of flavours from four wild agave distillations: Cirial, Tobalá, Tobasiche and Lumbre. The agave Cirial creates a spiciness and a mineral element, while the Tobalá adds a thick body and sweetness. Lumbre and Tobasiche give depth and herbal characteristics. All the flavours emerge gradually and are easy to isolate […]

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