Gran Centenario

Welcome to Gran Centenario Tequila - a brand known for over a century for its exquisite taste and refined aroma. Our tequila is made exclusively from 100% blue agave and is aged in oak barrels to create a perfect balance between fruitiness and spice.

The intriguing aroma of Gran Centenario Tequila is characterized by a combination of fresh and earthy notes. We use a special blend of agave to create an incomparable aroma that is only enhanced by our unique aging in oak barrels. Our tequila has a complex flavor that flatters every taste bud.

Since 1857, we at Gran Centenario Tequila have had only the best in mind for our customers and are dedicated to the craftsmanship that defines the quality of our brand. Each bottle is a masterpiece that represents our proud Mexican tradition and meets the highest quality standards.

Discover the unique taste and intriguing aroma of Gran Centenario Tequila and immerse yourself in the refined culture and tradition of Mexico. Whether enjoyed neat or in a cocktail, our tequila is an absolute treat for the senses and will delight you! Try it and experience a tequila that will delight you.

March 29, 2023
Tequila Gran Centenario Reposado

Nose Perfumey and a touch oily, with strong hints of lemon and vanilla. Body Medium to light, nutty and rounded. Palate Fresh oak. Slightly drying. Finish It develops to a crisp, accentuated dryness, with a hint of nutmeg and pepper coming in at the very end.

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March 29, 2023
Tequila Gran Centenario Plata

One of the very few tequila blancos that is aged, Tequila Gran Centenario Plata spends 28 days developing in new French limosine oak casks which gives it a particularly smooth and clean flavour. Nose Grainy and fresh like wet summer grass. Impactful. Body Soft and smooth. Palate Light and clean, developing spicy undertones and subtle […]

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